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Our Story


Evangelist Tyler & Mykaela Blue

     Tyler Blue, was born on September 19th, 1996. Growing up, Tyler’s dad was a tent evangelist and he was in church almost every night of his life. He has traveled all over America with his family putting up the tent and helping any way that he could. Growing up in church and his dad being a preacher, his thoughts were always, “I am a good kid, I have never really committed any terrible sins and I was spiritually okay”. In 2003, as a six year old boy, God showed Tyler for the first time in his life, that it did not matter who his parents were and it did not matter how many times he  had been to church, he was lost and on his way to hell. Tyler gave his life to Jesus on July 19, 2003. Years went on after that and Tylers family continued to travel and put up the tent, and in 2006 God placed the calling on his life to preach. Wondering how a 9 year old boy could preach or how anybody would listen to him God said, “Trust Me” and that is exactly what he has been doing ever since. In 2011, God began to deal with Tyler about going into ministry and becoming a full time evangelist.. Wondering how in the world he would be able to do that, again God said, “Trust me” and that is what he did.  He surrendered to the call, and now believes Tyler Blue Ministries is exactly where God wants him. In June of 2017 He and his wife Mykaela got married, which is what Tyler would say “The second greatest day of his life”. Since then Tyler and his family have been on the road spreading the gospel of Jesus. June 8th 2018, The Lord blessed the Blues with their first child Cooper Thomas Blue, and on July 9th 2020, Ella Kate Was born. Tyler

is so thankful for the privilege of traveling American with his family.

Over the past year and a half we have seen well over 4,000 saved through our ministry. Nothing we have done, but all the glory goes to God.

Tyler Blue Ministries 



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